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                                                              -    R.H. Heinlein

Please plan on joining us on October 1st for a fascinating presentation by  ��  ��  ��.  ��  ��         
Sharon La Rusch

Sharon will bring THE MAGIC OF THE MONARCH to Flower Shuttle Lunch and Learn sharing her love and knowledge of these precious creatures.

 Sharon is an avid gardener and got interested in the “Monarchs” due to their impending decline....(so much so, that her garden is now a pit stop on their awesome migratory path.)  Come hear how we can all assist these winged beauties to reach their goal.....Lots of “show and tell” monarchs will be present to view!

Save the date for the magic of the monarchs October 1st after Flower Shuttle breakdown.

If you would like to be a Lunch & Learn instructor one month, please contact Judi McClure, Lunch & Learn Coordinator, at
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