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We are currently delivering flower arrangements to the following locations

A Place At The Table
Aides Alliance
Alliance Medical
Capital Nursing
Capital Towers
Care Givers Support
Cary Health & Rehab
Chatham Creek
Covington Nursing
Dress for Success
Green Chair Project
Healing Place
Hillcrest Rehab
Meals on Wheels
Rex Cancer
Rex Rehab
St. Saviors
Salvation Army
Spring Arbor
Total Life Center (Cary)
Triangle Family Services
Urban Ministries
Wake Med

The Flower Shuttle was featured in Raleigh Magazine in June, 2019 - check it out!

The Flower Shuttle Administrative Team

The Flower Shuttle Administrative Team works behind the scenes to keep The Flower Shuttle running smoothly. The team is made up of 13 members who each serve a 3-year term with Kathy Reece, our founder, as a permanent 14th member.

The complete list of team members and their email addresses is listed below:

President - Eileen Taylor    
President Elect - OPEN 
Secretary - Elaine Wilson
Treasurer - Andy Dalgliesh
Founder/Advisor - Kathy Reece

Past President -                      Katherine McVey,

Special Event Flowers Coordinator -
Vicki Presnell

Flower Pick Up Coordinator -
Nancy Long,

Floor Volunteer Coordinator(s) -
Lisa Green
Jenny O'Brien 

Flower Delivery/Load Out Coordinator -
Carol Tillman,

Hospitality Coordinator-                 Ann Frazier,

Vase Table Coordinator - 
Emily Nicholson,

Volunteer Coordinator -                    Jenny O'Brien,

Public Relations Coordinator/Website - Rena Hatcher,

Please feel free to contact any of the team members with your suggestions.

Our Story

You just never know when inspiration will come! The Flower Shuttle program for Raleigh, NC was inspired by an article in Oprah Magazine in February of 2006. The article told the story of a woman in NYC who was appalled at the number of flowers thrown away after events.  She began a foundation to recycle flowers to those in need.  This article became the catalyst for the birth of The Flower Shuttle.

Organizers sought help from
Raleigh Moravian Church
 which agreed to support this program as a Community Outreach Project. Raleigh Moravian Church and its Women's Ministry gave $700 in seed money to start The Flower Shuttle in March of 2006. Raleigh Moravian also continues to donate the use of their Fellowship Hall for the volunteers to work in each week.

Thanks to 100+ Flower Shuttle volunteers, flowers that were being thrown away after special events, funerals, and weddings are now recycled to people living with sickness, terminal illness, poverty and disability. For a current listing of where Flower Shuttle arrangements are being delivered, please see the box to the left.

The Flower Shuttle project has been a blessing to all involved, from those donating the flowers to those rearranging, and most importantly to our recipients. We have all realized the power that a flower can have when given as an expression of love and care.

For more information on helping us spread our vision please visit our Volunteer page, or contact us at or

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