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Flower Shuttle volunteers created 2,605 arrangements in October 2020 bringing the grand total to 208,659 - WOW!
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NoseGay by Betsy Boyd

Holiday Schedule 2020
The Flower Shuttle needs a breather from time to time, so we will be on hiatus on the following dates:

New Year's:  
   closed December 31, 2019
   closed April 7
Memorial Day:
   closed May 26
Independence Day:
   closed June 30
Labor Day:
   closed September 8
    closed November 24
    closed December 22
New Year's:
    closed December 29

Rest assured that The Flower Shuttle will be up and running again on its normal schedule the week after each of these short breaks, energized and ready to roll!

The Flower Shuttle mission continues...remotely!

This Fall we are highlighting the remote teams that are working to continue our mission! 

Team Daisy successfully arranged and delivered 475 arrangements this summer!  Team leader Mary Currin opened up her garage on Tuesday mornings for team members Betsy Boyd, Amy Devereax, Eileen Macko and Jenny O’Brien.  She frequently took greenery from her beautiful garden to add to the flower arrangements.  Jenny assumed the role of team leader in September when the team moved their operation to picnic tables at Raleigh Moravian Church.

Jagg, Whole Foods at Ridge Road, Fresh Market at Cameron Village and Burkett Farms donate flowers to this team.  

Recipients of Team Daisy’s flowers are Transitions LifeCare and Rex Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation (Raleigh).  These organizations are so grateful for the gift of flowers.  Transitions puts the arrangements out for visitors to take to their loved ones in their care.  Krissy Sims the Volunteer Coordinator at Transitions should be an honorary Flower Shuttle member; she tidies up arrangements throughout the week as needed and collects vases for us.

Team Rose has six terrific team members who participate regularly. They started out working on Team Lead Mary Cruse's back porch but moved back to the church as the team grew, working at the picnic tables beside the shed on Wednesday mornings.

Current volunteers are Sally Harris, Jennifer Cates, Vicky Rubin, Jane Stober, Barbara Blackburn, and Mary. Flower Shuttle president Eileen Taylor has graciously been joining as needed. Their newest volunteer, Lauren Watral, is operating from home as official "Vase fairy". Lauren keeps a look out for free vases at yard sales, social media sites and from her friends and family. She hopes to join in person when restrictions are lifted and the threat of the virus is contained.

Team Rose flowers are donated by the English Garden and by Trader Joe's Raleigh. Normal deliveries are to Healing Transitions, Abbotswood Senior Living and Duke Raleigh hospital. Because of the overwhelming generosity of our donors they've been able to take excess flowers to other recipients as well.

A personal reflection from Team Lead Mary Cruse:
It's been eye-opening for me to take on all the roles for Flower Shuttle in our "new normal" environment. I've worked with FS off and on for almost 14 years, mostly in set-up and at the breakdown tables. Seeing the reaction of our recipients has been a new and very rewarding experience. At Duke Raleigh one morning the young man who brought out the carts to pick up our flowers was so excited that he asked the security guard to take his picture with Sally and me just to share with his team mates and friends. Our Abbotswood contact tells us what joy the buckets of flowers bring to their quarantined residents who crave anything that breaks the monotony of their days. At Healing Transitions we are usually greeted by some of their residents taking a smoke break by the back door so we get to see their smiles and reactions when the flowers come in. 

My Flower Shuttle experience in this pandemic distracts me from some of the negative energy that surrounds us and helps to remind me how lucky I am to be able to give back in a very small way to others.

Every Tuesday morning, Teams Violet and Iris join to work as one team in Cary, NC.  Team Leads Rhonda Hinnant and Myra Michot realized early on there was synergy in sharing the flowers and in having enough volunteers to make the arrangements.

They have established a smooth rhythm over the last several months.  Team volunteers Lew and Ann Frazier pick up flowers from Trader Joe’s Cary and then transport them to the Aldi’s parking lot next door.  Tom Emmel and Sylvia Wilson load flowers into their cars.    Sylvia works independently or with a few friends and delivers arrangements to Glenaire.  Simultaneously, Helen Furey or Jessica Sinha pick up flowers from Whole Foods Cary.  Tom, Helen, Jessica, Rhonda, Carol Rhodes, and Myra then get busy prepping the flowers.  Weekly, they create approximately 80-90 beautiful arrangements, and deliver to Chatham Commons, Sunrise Assisted Living, Waltonwood and HeartFields all of Cary.  Initially they worked on Rhonda’s screened porch and currently meet in Myra’s garage. Team members enjoy fun conversation, hard work, camaraderie, and creativity at their weekly meetings.

Their recipients have been incredibly grateful, stating how these flowers make their residents so happy.  Working through the whole process from pick up to delivery has been quite meaningful and continues to be a pleasure for these two teams as they observe our donors’ generosity and the gratitude of our recipients.  It is tremendously gratifying to know our efforts bring joy in this time of Coronavirus.  They, too, are delighted to work with lovely flowers and create bud vase masterpieces to share with others.

Team Sunflower is Deb Dalgliesh and Ben Buie-King.  Deb picks up flowers at Trader Joe’s in Raleigh on Monday mornings and heads to Ben’s house.   There they work outside undercover or in his basement living room bar. 

After this duo arrange and clean up, Deb stops by A-Z Thrift Shop with a large bouquet of flowers.  In exchange they give the Flower Shuttle their donated vases.  Deb says she has picked up at least 150 vases!  Thank you, A-Z Thrift.

Team Sunflower recipients are Aids Alliance and Capital Nursing. They average 20 arrangements each week depending on the number of flowers received.  Ben makes some beautiful and creative arrangements!  Thank you, Deb, for all of the pick-ups, deliveries and enduring the car messes! 
 Thank you, Team Sunflower!

The Peony Team is a happy little team- productive, passionate and organized!  Led by Katherine McVey rotating team members include Eileen Peck, Jan Strom, Joanne Repinecz, Donna Ariosa, Nancy Agasi, Anitra Todd and Bev Norwood.  

This team meets on Tuesday mornings behind the Raleigh Moravian Church on the picnic tables- a nice shady spot and space for social distancing.  The Peony team is very safety-focused during this pandemic with all members staying 6 feet apart and always wearing masks.

On rainy Tuesdays Katherine opens up her garage in N. Raleigh to accomplish their mission. And what a mission it is!  Just this summer this mighty team has donated more than 730 flower arrangements!

Their recipients are Urban Ministries (always fun to deliver to them as they are SO appreciative and always return their vases), Dress for Success, and Elmcroft of Northridge. Elmcroft loves to receive buckets of flowers for their residents to arrange. When there is an abundance of flowers and enough volunteers willing to make more arrangements, they deliver to Atria Oakridge. Team Peony plans to give to The Green Chair Project when they enter Phase 3 of reopening. Thank you, Team Peony!

Flower Shuttle resumes "limited" service to our community

A word of thanks from one of our recipients this summer...

Our residents have enjoyed putting our own (arrangements) together, seeing them throughout the community and even the staff getting some to take home!”

Hannah Flanagan| Healthy Lifestyles Director, Elmcroft of Northridge

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